Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Doing it wrong...

This blog probably should have been started a month ago, and I am not really sure why it wasn't. I have been in Quanzhou (pronounced differently by every Chinese person local or otherwise, I prefer "chen-zo" or "chen-cho" or some mix of the two) since the 12th and have been running around WI, CA, and HK at a feverish pace on my way here since since about the 6th of June.
No point in worrying about that now, though. It just means that in addition to keeping up to date with what I am currently doing (mostly teaching, eating, and sleeping), I will also have to fill in with missed material from the last three weeks or so (mostly teaching, eating, and sleeping).
With that said, I think I will start making some brown rice (finally!) to go with some leftover spare ribs and water spinach cooked up with a little bacon.
Oh, one last thing.  I am not teaching right now because the none of my current three students could attend this afternoon (most interesting among the reasons was that one of them needed a paternity(his) test).

local time: 4:13PM

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